Direct investment, Global Access.


Shareholders can unlock the liquidity of their existing shares in private companies registered on RIZDEX.

Raise capital

Companies can obtain market valuations of their shares and raise capital at a fraction of the usual cost and time.

Niche investments

Investors are able to secure investment in selected companies which other- wise would not be available.

global access

Access your account and view your portfolio online.

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RIZDEX runs an online bulletin board service. RIZDEXis not a Regulated Market. RIZDEX enables companies to have liquidity in their shares without the expense of a market listing. This makes it suitable for those companies that have de-listed due to high running costs, and for newer companies that would like exposure and liquidity but are not yet ready for a listing.


Peter Risdon

Director – CEO
Experienced senior management professional with over 15 years’ combined experience in the Financial Services sector, Compliance Oversight, Governance, FinTech Startups, and more.

Jonathan Danan

Director – CFO
Tax Accounts and FD services from startup to exit Multi-jurisdictional tax planning between UK, US, Australia, Canada, Israel, Valuations M&As and more.

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